About us

Our story began when we took a puppy from a shelter house a few years ago. Although we didn´t know what taking care of a dog in the city meant, inside we felt that we want to give it a try. A puppy who probably didn´t have a good experience in the past gave us hard times, and we lived through many challenges. Despite of all the difficulties we loved her more and more everyday. After a while we realized she was missing a dog company even though we gave her as much as we could. We spent some time searching for a perfect fit when we suddenly found her. She looked sad in the picture, but we immediately knew she would be a part of us. It took them just a few moments to get along and they´ve been best friends since than.

We had nice jobs, and despite good working conditions we wanted to do something new – something meaningful we even like to do. One day an idea of having a Coffee House came to our mind. We were figuring it out for many days and nights, thinking about pros and cons, looking for a right place when we finally found it. What took our breath away was the inner space, amazing garden where we were under crowns of majestic trees and felt like in a fairy tale. We decided to go for it and create a place where everyone feels good.

Kids are always welcome, and they can have fun in the kids corner which offers a lot of interesting things. The future depends on our little pals & gals, and we´re happy they can spend their time at our place. We don´t set any limits so you can freely choose either from fairy tales, foreign language classes or artistic and sports events. Various activities are set for developing their knowledge and creativity. Even if you just decide to sit down and relax, Lujzeika welcomes all of you.


We want to use our attitude to improve this society in a positive way =)